Little House Nursery believes that every child is unique and is constantly learning, developing their ability to be capable, confident, and self-assured.

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20 November

Rewarding Children

Teacher's at the Preschool Nursery in Dubai often use a rewards system for good behavior with stickers and other trinkets.

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“ Little House Nursery is an excellent Nursery. My daughter has learned so much while attending this Nursery. It has truly been a rewarding experience for us as parents to watch her development and growth.”

− Maria Dasouza

How the Best British Nursery in Dubai Foster Happy Kids

At Little House Nursery, we believe that the children are our future, and they deserve adequate care throughout their early development stages to foster their holistic growth as individuals.

This makes Little House Nursery the perfect partner for parents looking for trustworthy Dubai nurseries that can provide quality care and early educational development for their beloved kids.

What Top Nurseries in Dubai Can Do for Your Kids

The formative years of a child, which usually reach up to 8 years, are the most critical as this is the period where their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical capacities are in prime condition for development.

Our Dubai nursery in Jumeirah accordingly developed a curriculum that fosters a physical and academic environment for your children where they can have significant growth in all these areas.

The educational programme we devised will enable your child to significantly advance in the cognitive, social, and emotional aspects.

Excellent Cognitive Development Programme for Kids

As one of the best Dubai nurseries, we implement a preschool programme specifically designed to stimulate and hone the cognitive skills of children.

The edge of our programme over that of other nurseries is that it uses the existing knowledge of children as leverage to enable them to discover and expand their new skills.

Additionally, our curriculum follows a developmental continuum pattern - the programmes comprise objectives that guide children into following an educational system based on age-appropriate milestones.

Social and Emotional Growth for Holistic Development

Expert studies show that children who attend nursery schools are more capable of initiating and forming a relationship with adults and their fellow kids. They also become more proactive and involved in learning and advanced cooperative play.

Children who go to nursery schools have also been found to mature socially and emotionally faster than other kids their age. For example, they would rather use language skills to resolve conflicts instead of resorting to aggressive behaviour.

Determining the Best Nurseries in Dubai for Your Kids

Above all, the important thing for our Dubai nursery is to create a safe and fun environment where kids can be happy while learning and achieving a well-rounded growth.

If you want to know more about our nursery in Dubai and how your precious kid can enjoy the best professional care and educational advancement possible, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.

You may also personally visit our Dubai nursery school, which is conveniently located in the premier business and residential district of Jumeirah.