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The balance in Learning Methods

Children at the Preschool Nursery in Dubai learn in a variety of ways. Parents and teachers can help them with their learning and development by varying their time and activities,  so that the child has a chance to be guided in learning, some self-directed learning and some down time, to process it and absorb it all.

Whatever, Kindergarten in Dubai or daycares your child attends, it’s best to think about whether the child is given the opportunity to benefit and learn from various types of learning.

Here’s is a look at different types of learning that is practiced in some preschools,

Direct Instruction - This is where an adult gives information to a child, or doing an instructive demonstration of how to do something. Direct instruction from a parent or a teacher is a good way to convey core information and build that is used in day to day lives. In preschools , educators often offer little instruction throughout the day, like showing children how to pour rice in the sensory bin. Teachers at the Children's Nursery in Dubai explain that the main structured learning happens in circle time, where there are stories being read, sing songs, and play with felt boards and encourage all children to participate in the group activity together.

Guided Play and Free Play - The best way to build, fluid intelligence, the kind that helps children adapt to new situations and learn new skills, is hands-on play and interaction with the real world and real experiences. Often, schools will have multiple stations set up around the rooms, where children have the ability to choose what to play with, how to play with it, and for how long. This is a good opportunity for children play, independently, exploring and discovering on their own.

Rest and down time - Children also need down time. A time they can spend time quietly with little to no input, so their little brains can process all the new information, and strengthen the connections that help them remember what they have learned.
Some preschools implement a system where, during preschool a parent and child can sit together and read for a while. Children can, also, sit with their parents during parent education sessions. Snack time is also considered as down time for many children, where they simply engage in what they like.

Can learning be implemented at home as well. This depends, parents should consider their family schedule, is there a time dedicated to teaching the child, quiet time and  time when the child is playing independently, having a good mix of these elements will create a good environment for the child to learn and grow at home as well.

There are some parents of children at the Nursery in Jumeirah, who say that their child never like to play alone or be by themselves, they always need someone around, especially the mother. It's sometimes nice, when children want to spend more time with their parents. But, it’s also good for them to learn to play on their own as well. The parent should choose a time each day where the parents say no to them and encourage them to play alone for a while. The child may resist this at first, but most of them will find something or the other to do, when they get bored or frustrated.