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The best nursery school environment in Jumeirah

In general, a teacher at nursery school in Jumeirah need to treat the children as they would do with their own children. This is not only related to misbehavior and classroom mischief, but should also be present in other areas as well, such as teaching them what is right and wrong and good manners and habits like healthy eating, respect and personal hygiene.

Having a pleasant nursery school environment is a big responsibility and there are very few children’s nurseries in Dubai that are dedicated to making sure that a child's environment is perfect.  The nursery school environment plays a pivotal role in recent times as they are solely responsible to help children develop mentally and physically.

There are many important factors that make up a good healthy environment in a nursery environment, some of the factors include:

  • A hygienic atmosphere - Children get infected easily, and this is very common among child care nursery in Dubai, therefore everything thing should be kept clean and germ free. The chairs, tables and all surfaces that come into contact with the child should be disinfected and cleaned daily.
  • Have an experienced nurse around - Since children do get into all sorts of mischief, they often lose their sense of danger and fall, bruise and cut themselves on every day things no matter how much you child proof a room. This is also a problem that affects nursery schools, not matter how strict they are when it comes to safety standards. Children should be taught to exercise caution by parents and teachers both in the nursery as well as at home. However, despite all the precautions the school should a qualified nurse to deal with emergency situations.
  • The decor should be pleasing and colorful - Classrooms and care facilities should be colorfully decorated, The walls should  have bold colors and basically the environment should reflect positive energy  as well as fun. Decorate the walls with the children's favorite characters. Children should be made to feel special and feel happy to come to the nursery every day. Having a colorful environment will increase their enthusiasm.
  • Feature nature - There is no better time to make children conscious about the environment they live in and about nature. So make sure the nursery features things from the garden or has pictures of plants, flowers, trees and bugs , this makes it interesting for the children as well. Making them bring their own objects and displaying them in the room will encourage them and teach them more about their natural environment as well.
  • Toys and play equipment should be arranged and be in its place - Toys should not be strewn haphazardly around the room. It should be in its place, so that children know where to find them and put them back once they are finished. Toys should vary to accommodate children of all ages.
  • A good learning environment - Children come to nurseries in Dubai to learn new things, explore things around them and develop. Therefore, they should be taught good etiquette and  behavior so that they associate and communicate effectively with their peers and grow up to be responsible people.