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Your child behavior at Kindergarten in Dubai

While teachers in Kindergarten in Dubai have the benefit of studying early childhood development in their professional training and identify a child's behavior. It can be difficult for a parent to determine what behaviors are expected of a child and what behaviors to watch out for and what may cause problems with attention and learning.  Often small children have the shortest attention span and they can slip into a tantrum very quickly and easily at the most inconvenient moment, which is a parent's worst nightmare. Many parents wonder if this sort of behavior is something that they should be concerned about or is this normal behavior.

The British nursery Dubai, say that by the time a child turns 4 years of age, they should develop the following social and emotional skills,

  • Independent and does his or her own work such as washing hands, dressing and eating alone.
  • Enjoys helping the parents with simple household tasks and chores such as folding the laundry, picking up clothes and toys, being methodical with putting away things once they are played with and even helping around in the garden.
  • Adjusts to new situations and changes without an adult being present. This is a common with  kids nurseries in Dubai, especially when a teacher or a friend leaves the school.
  • Notices other people's moods and feelings. Children will talk about what they notice about another person's feelings.
  • Know his or her limits and will ask for help when required.
  • Are learning to take turns, share and cooperate.
  • Expresses anger with words rather than throwing a tantrum and acting up.

However, Dubai's best nursery reiterates that not all children develop at this same pace  and in the same way.   Discrepancies and deviations in the course of development are to be expected, but irregularities and delays in mastering these essential skills or behavior should not be overlooked, even in young nursery school children. The parents should consider seeing a professional and seeking  help for their child if they recognize the following characteristics in the child,

  • Finds it difficult to join and maintain a positive social status in a peer group.
  • Has a hard time maintaining his or her self control when dealing with negative emotions and frustrations.
  • Bullies other children, throws tantrums and acts out.
  • The child is sad, reserved and withdrawn, especially during group activities and even during solo play activities.
  • Suffers from extreme separation anxiety, especially in school or in a unfamiliar environment.
  • Finds it difficult to understand  age-appropriate instructions or directions, such as those given by the child's preschool teacher.
  • The child gets easily distracted and cannot concentrate on a single work task or play activity for a long time.

Once you identify these concerns address it with the child's kindergarten teacher as well and see a qualified professional who will assess your child and suggest a course of action and therapy  to help the child overcome these behavioral problems and lead a healthy normal life.