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Dealing with Toddler's fussy eating habits

This is every parent’s worst nightmare. Your baby is now a toddler with arm strength and the ability to bring the house down if things don’t go their way. You have them home for the holidays from preschool/day care and meal time, is not one you look forward to. All that is happening is that you are cleaning mashed food off the floors and carpets, holding on to a mop, hoping that at least half of what you served them goes into their mouth.

Your toddler is learning to take control of his life, he does not want to be told what to do anymore, and is eager to put his foot down when it comes to what he eats. This is just one side of the story. A toddlers taste buds are now maturing, and therefore is better able to decide what foods he likes, and what he doesn’t. As your toddler sharpens his escape skills, he will be running around, hiding behind tables and chairs, in refusal to eat what you give him. As a parent, we are sure that you worry constantly about whether he is indeed getting enough nourishment on a daily basis. The common misunderstanding that many parents of toddlers make, is that a toddler must eat adult size portions to be healthy. This is the problem. Many toddlers, although are fast growing, do not need as much food as we do. They have much smaller tummies, and their bodies need even less nutrients to grow. So when your toddler is not hungry, he will not be hungry enough to eat, but will rebel by throwing his food in all directions.

How much food does your toddler really need? Not much. His portion servings should not be any larger than the amount he can fit into his fist. As he grows and so does his fist, his tummy is in direct proportion to this. Therefore, it is always best to serve just enough food, to be in line with the size of his clenched fist. The trick to getting the right amount of nutrients in to his body would be to make it liquid based, or hide fruits and vegetables in food that he does enjoy.

The other trick that most parents find handy, is to make healthy finger foods that you know your toddler would not resist. This like chicken and vegetable pies, sandwiches with grated carrots in side a fish sandwich, mix in vegetables and fruits into pizzas and rice, and let them have it without being able to see this grated goodness inside it. Toddlers are very fussy eaters, and in most cases are harder to please than the most experienced food critique.

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