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Child Education Dubai

article-3image Education has become so important in today’s time, that may parents of children as young as two or one, have to give their child’s learning requirement priority. This may at first seem like you’re forcing your child into a system too early, or it can be taken as giving your child a chance to excel in early learning just like the rest of his peers. Little House Nursery in Jumeirah considers Child Education Dubai to be important, but we try to create a balanced environment where children do learn, whilst still being able to enjoy their childhood as well.

As parent's you are obviously tied between two ideas when thinking about your toddler attending an early years nursery Dubai. One would be the fact that you would like to not push them through a path of expectation, evaluation, and routine too early in life, as you would much rather have them home playing and taking it easy with you. There really is nothing wrong with that idea. The problem however, is that the majority of parents think or feel otherwise. This is not due to the fact that they would love to put early pressure on their children, but because they choose to reduce the pressure that a child may experience, should he go directly on to primary nursery Dubai, without receiving the foundational guidance of a pre-school.

Nursery or preschool, could attempt to give children both benefits of being a child while simultaneously helping them with their developmental milestones. Little House Nursery gives families a refreshing outlook to Primary Nursery Dubai education. We strike a balance for children in their early years education, teaching important skills like social skills, math and communication, English, good manners and life sciences. All this might seem like a all too much for a small child to comprehend, but Little House Nursery has made it so that the everything we teach, is incorporated in to play, eliminating any pressure that may otherwise be too much for young children to handle.

Little House Nursery has adapted a free and easy learning methodology to gain a child’s interest and drive their natural curiosity to learn. As a certified Dubai nursery and day care, we understand that every child deserves the right to an education and also the right to gain admission in the best kindergartens in Dubai. To promote ideology, we developed creative lesson plans, which pulls on a child’s natural curiosity to learn. We may teach your child to count by handing out numbers to them, and asking them to jump into the show-and-tell circle when their number is called. This activity alone, helps your child understand numerals, learn patience by waiting their turn, and additionally helps them to improve their communication when relating a story. Additionally, they will even learn to form a circle.

At Little House Nursery we like to keep the activities fun and interesting to engage your child in his own early years development. We want to ensure that your son or daughter has fun learning without feeling forced or being expected to.