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Crocodile tears at the Nurseries in UAE

Settling your child in the Nurseries in UAE is a very interesting discussion among many parents with preschool children. There is no exact formula or method that fits all parents.

It will all depend on how your child is handling school, new things, new friends and basically a new environment. Some children adapt and settle down very quickly, while others need a little more time to adjust, trust the teachers, environment and feel comfortable. The only solution is that parents need is to take some time and work with the little one and make sure they have a great day in school.

It really depends on how your child is coping and some children take no time to adapt and others need a little more time to trust the teachers and feel comfortable.  The best thing to do is to work with your toddler to make sure that she or he has a great time during the day.

If your child is already attending the chosen Nursery in Dubai, here are some useful tips to make sure your child settled down at school and enjoys it.
Here is a look at some useful tips:

  • Slow entry to the school - You might probably be the only parent who stayss back for a while with your child, sometime this can happen a few days after the first day as well. However, make sure it does not become a habit, as the child may get used to having you around.
  • Routine and uniformity - Children get used to a routine as infants, so make sure you stick to a routine as they know what to expect. Try and be consistent at the time you drop off and pick up the child, don't be late.
  • Don't pick them up stressed - Perhaps you have a whole day of chores to do from the time you drop off the child in school until you pick them up. Children can read your feelings, especially if you're stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. This will make the child feel insecure and adds to their clinginess. Try to keep yourself calm and collected, especially when you drop them off and off words of encouragement for them to enjoy their day with the activities and other kids.
  • Don't get frazzled. As  a parent, you need to remain strong, when dropping your child off at the school. It can be nerve wrenching and heart breaking to leave your child crying, but it's also important for you as a parent to understand that your child is attending a facility for  Child Education in Dubai, there is nothing dangerous about that and your child is in the hands of qualified educators. You don't have to feel like you're abandoning your child.
  • Let the child take a 'feel good' object - Dubai's best Nursery allows children to bring their favorite toy or blanket to school with them. Parents may have mixed feelings about this. Some children make this a habit, while others simply use their favorite toy as a coping mechanism.  If this method helps at the beginning to settle the child, then by all means use it.