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Benefits of Day Care in Dubai

A toddler at a child care nursery  in Dubai can learn a lot from a high-quality center, that has well trained staff, a stimulating program that encompasses a broad range of activities and an atmosphere that the little one loves and socializes freely with other children of their age. Parents tend to question the difference in behavior of a child who goes to daycare and a child that stays at home with parents. This will depend on the type of day care, for instance, a normal day care may just mind your child until pick up, while an exceptional day care center will revolve around the curriculum of a early years nursery in Dubai and dedicate themselves to help prepare your child for the future.
Some of the benefits of day care are,

  • Offer a stable environment.
  • Cost effective as opposed to paying for a sitter or a live-in nanny
  • Parents with children in day care relate to each other and support each other when the going gets tough.
  • Schedules are flexible and cater to parents work timings.
  • Staff is experienced in early childhood development and education.
  • The child's progress can be monitored.
  • Features a whole range of learning activities that the child can get involved in such as arts, gym and creative crafts.
  • Children interact with other kids and learn social skills as opposed to children who stay at home.

Day care in Dubai benefits a lot of parents as well, especially parents of tiny tots who have careers, day care becomes a godsend as its reliable, reasonable, long hours to suit the work schedule and a good nutritional and hygiene policy. Without a doubt day cares have many benefits to the child as well as parents and that is the reason that most children are in center based care.
However, before you make up your mind about day care, consider the drawbacks as well,

  • High cost of day care as opposed to hiring a nanny.
  • Exposure to so many kids, there is a chance of getting sick often children who are at home.
  • Extra charges for  late pickups and or early drop offs.
  • Sometimes the day care is closed during the holidays.
  • Does not allow children into the premises if they are ill.
  • Does not offer individualized attention to each and every child.

Therefore,  think carefully about the day care option for your child, because as parents you want nothing but a healthy, loving and kind environment for your child.