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Dealing with Bullies at Early years nursery in Dubai

Teachers, children and parents all find it hard to understand why another child will pick on their little child,  even at the Nursery Schools in Dubai and at such a young age. Even though it's tough to understand, it helps to be aware of the signs of preschool bullying and identify the warning signs of your child being bullied at school.

There are certain days that children don't feel like going to  their nursery in Jumeirah. However, if your child likes school and suddenly start crying or acting out just before you drop them off or complain about mystery aches and ailments that don’t add up, the issue may be more than what it seems to be, chances are that the child may be facing  preschool bullies.

If you gasp in surprise at the thought of preschool bullies you didn't see it wrong, there is such a thing as bullying preschoolers. Some children , who are targets of  bullying preschoolers, don't have the verbal skills to express that they are being bullied at school or have the social skills to fight back,. This is where parents can help their children express how they feel and bully-proof the child. Once a parent teaches a child to stand up to bullies, the child will not have to deal with this problem anymore.

Here are some tips put forward by an educator in the early years nursery in Dubai on how parents can handle the problem of bulling with their children.

  • Talk to the teacher.  The teacher will be able to give you a summary about what is happening in the classroom and on the playground. Keep calm and see what the teacher has to say. Despite all this if the child insists that she is not feeling well before outdoor playtime or at the school drop off, share this information with the teacher. Check if your child might be victimized by another child, and if the teacher did not know there was a problem before, she will definitely watch for it after you talk to her.
  • Give your child the support they need. A child's self confidence is usually a work in progress for a preschooler, so your child may think it's ok for them to be bullied or may feel embarrassed to admit that other children tease and taunt them. Reassure your child that they are not at fault for preschool bullying and will support them to work it out.
  • Give your child a calm and peaceful option. It's tempting to teach your child to retaliate and stand up to a bully. But instead teach your child other alternatives and how to stand up to bullies by walking away, ignoring the bully and playing with other friends or ask for help from the teacher.
  • Role-play with the child. Educators at Dubai's Best Nursery advise parents to act out the situation or certain hypothetical situations. Have the child practice by standing up a bit taller and speaking loudly to say things like, “Don't do that" "I don’t like that” or “Stop it! You're hurting me!” . Teach her to keep an expressionless face at this point. Usually bullies will leave a confident child alone.