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Early Childhood Education in Dubai

Child Education in Dubai for young children is classified by many names, child care, day care, nursery school, preschool, pre-kindergarten, and early education. It is delivered in many environments such as center-based, home-based or at the local public school. Some of these educational institutions are privately run, or operated by the local school system.

The ideal setting for early childhood education in Dubai includes a warm, nurturing care and enriched learning experiences designed to stimulate a child’s development in cognitive, physical, and social-emotional developmental areas. Some of the important characteristics of a good quality Child Care Nursery in Dubai, are highly experienced and caring staff, high program standards, curriculum based on a child’s developmental needs and strong social-emotional development.

The quality of the early childhood education a child receives has a direct impact on the child's language, mathematical skills, social and behavioural skills. The Best Nursery in Dubai, provides preschoolers with high quality early learning settings, such as a highly educated and caring staff, a well planned curriculum encompassing all areas of education and high quality standards when it comes to child health and safety.

The benefits of Early Childhood Education in Dubai include,

  • Higher intelligence scores
  • Higher and timelier school enrollment
  • Low grade repetition
  • Lower dropout rates
  • High school completion rate
  • Perfect nutrition and health status
  • Better social and emotional behavior
  • Better parent and child relationships
  • Better success as an adult in any career

One of the most important priorities for early childhood education is to teach children to read. By using developmentally appropriate practices while incorporating early years education concepts into lessons, teachers can differentiate instruction, engage preschoolers in the learning process, and increase achievement.

Choosing a Kids Nurseries Dubai, where your child will be loved and cared for is of utmost importance. Select a preschool that will partner with you to ensure your child's healthy development throughout his or her early childhood education years.