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Early Year Nursery Dubai supports School Preparedness

The Early Year Nursery in Dubai believes it is important to help children to get ready to face the challenges of school. It is an essential part of the work that the preschool needs to do, to help a child thrive and reach their full potential from a young and tender age.

However, it does not mean pushing  the child into the next stage, but to help the child. Learning is not a competition or a race, it's a journey of discovery and development of the child, from the beginning and right through to adulthood.

Most preschools use the Early Years Foundation Stage in Dubai to help guide the child to make progress towards the early learning goals and objectives.  These goals and objectives are accomplished at the end of the foundation stage, when the  child is about 6 years old. Prior to this the children are given play based activities that allow them to explore and learn independently. The school will use observations and assessments of each child’s skills and creativity to plan customized activities and a curriculum that the child will enjoy and also be challenged.

The British Nursery in Dubai promotes the characteristics of effective learning through engagement, motivation and thinking to ensure that the child will participate, get involved and have fun with what they do and by choosing ways to achieve this, importantly, through their own ideas and creativity.

The prime areas of learning are fundamental to a child's development. The prime areas encompass, physical development, personal, social and emotional development and communication and language development. Preschools should focus on these areas of learning to ensure that the child has the skills they need to participate in all aspects of society as they nurture and develop.

It’s important to state that while the EYFS Curriculum in Dubai is divided into areas of learning, children learning is not conformed to a box. Areas of learning are not about isolation, one cannot learn about reading without being able to listen and understand. The preschool should understand that it is important for the child to learn different skills, so that they can use these skills in different situations and extend their learning independently.

After all is said and done, it's important to know if your child has absorbed all these traits in preschool and is school ready. School readiness is about being confident and bold  to keep trying and participate in new things, it’s about being eager to leave the parents at the gate and rush into the classroom or other new places with a feeling of excitement and expectancy that the day might hold something amazing and something to look forward to with a head full of new ideas just waiting to try them out. It's like a bird waiting to spread its wings and fly to new territories.

Being ready for school means being able to get your things and move on to the next activity without being worried or anxious, to be resilient enough to try again when it doesn’t work the first time around, asking for help from others when it is needed, having a sense of accomplishment, having the language skills to make the child's thoughts and feelings known to others and being able to socialize with peers are all part of the package. It may be a lot to ask by a child but without setting the pace, how else can they be matured into future leaders.