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Learning through Activities in Dubai Preschools

Children love activities and often Nursery Schools in Dubai do overlook this fact and believe children exist only from the neck up, that they consist of brains alone.

The truth is, a child's body and mind are not separate entities. Dubais Best Nursery, Little House Nursery explains that a child’s earliest learning is based on motor development and learning. Research shows that an infant’s early movement and experiences are beneficial to optimal brain development. The connection between moving and learning continues well beyond the child’s first step.

The most important aspect for early childhood educators is that young children learn best by doing things, as the brain is much more activated by movement than by seatwork and are in a better position to have higher standards when they have the opportunity to experience concepts physically. For example, Nurseries in UAE get preschool to use their bodies to demonstrate low, high, wide, and narrow shapes, which enhances their comprehension of these intellectual mathematical concepts. When children role play and act out words and stories, it adds another element to the understanding process and they are far more likely to remember what they have learned.

Some child Psychiatrist and brain development researchers have explained that limiting a child to classroom learning is driving them to a greater depth of despair. There are many reasons for such a statement such as, moderate-to-energetic physical activity “feeds” the brain with oxygen, water, and glucose, which optimizes its performance and learning by doing creates more neural networks in the brain than does by sitting. In addition, children find active learning to be more fun and engaging, and they are more keen to learn.

The Early Years Foundation Stage in Dubai is followed by many pre-schools around the word is a play based framework that child educators use as a tool to ensure that children from birth to five years are developing and learning to their full potential. Educators plan and provide a range of play activities, which help children to make progress in each area of learning and development. The best way to promote lifelong learning is by making it fun.