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First day at Dubai's Best Nursery

The Little House Nursery, Dubai's Best Nursery understands the importance of settling both the parents and the child on the first day of school,  a time when both parents and children are taking their first steps in their educational journey. The nursery aim's to give each and every child unlimited opportunities to learn and develop through imagination, creativity and play by providing a safe, supportive, challenging and fun environment.

The nursery unlike other Nurseries in UAE, acknowledge the parents as the child’s first and continuing educators, and therefore focus a lot on strengthening and building the  relationship between the educator,  parent and child, which is very important to the  to the smooth transition into the  Early Years Foundation Stage in Dubai. In order to make sure that the child's and parent's first day at school goes well, all necessary documentation is requested prior to the first day, ensuring that the child and the parent or caregiver is fully informed of all the child’s requirements and needs. This is often the first step in building a good relationship and welcome the child into nursery life. Developing these important relationships and friendships will all depend on the support the child get's from home as well, for instance the parent should speak positively about the school to the child, about nursery life and discussing the events that happen daily in the nursery day.

The child's classroom will have a visual timetable, which represents the day in images so children can track where they are up to in their day, what has happened and what activities are coming up later. The school is extremely interested and is pleased with the child’s happiness and the teachers will take the lead to facilitate their routine and supporting the choices the children make through the day. The teacher's at the school makes it their priority to build trust, meaningful and professional relationships with the parents and the child. They will spend quality time to get to know the child on a one-on-one basis,  providing unhurried opportunities for the child select in their play, observing what makes them tick, their personality, likes and dislikes and make sure all the child's needs are met.

There is no doubt that their positive interactions will enhance and encourage the child's sense of belonging, independence, self esteem and confidence during this important time, building a fulfilled and happy child. The children will be introduced to their new environment, familiarizing them with all the resources and activities they can freely access, other staff members, and their new friends one step at a time.

The child's progress and achievements are discussed with the parents regularly. This gives an opportunity for the parents to communicate their questions and to discuss the child’s developments as well. The parent don't have to worry, no matter what sort of questions you have the school is ready to answer it and settle the child and you into nursery life. The school often practices an open door policy so that parents can come and spend some time in school with your little one as opposed to some Nursery Schools in Dubai. Therefore, enjoy and participate in these precious days, as they are memories in the making.