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Help your child get more organized in school holidays

Most children attending Early Year Nursery in Dubai need classroom organization tips to get squared away for school. As the academic year is coming to an end, parent's would have probably attended a parent-teacher meeting and heard both the good and not so good about their children. If your child’s teacher mentioned to you that your child lacks classroom organization and as a result  is disrupting the child’s academic progress, then it's time to take some decisions.

Most children and also sometime adults too suffer from what could be called 'Messy Desk' syndrome. Here are some way that can help children and parents organize their academic workload. After all, getting organized can improve grades, concentration, and can teach children to take on more significant challenges.

  • Set up a Workspace - A space with a desk is ideal, but any place where all the necessary supplies can be kept together will work out just fine. Make sure all stationary supplies are readily available.
  • Encourage the child to organize his or her space - The, best Nursery in Dubai explains that parents should encourage their children to set up their work area. Your job is to make sure they have all the supplies and a way of storing them. The child's responsibility is to put it in a workable order.
  • Color Code - Color coding everything will help children stay on track, even for very small children. Knowing that the blue folder is for reading and the yellow is for math removes a lot of chaos.
  • Make a timetable - Parents have a time table on the fridge for play dates, ballet classes and sports practices and so on. One of the best organizing tips is to set up a special one for homework, library book due dates and fun things like vacations and birthday parties. Let the  child post events learn organizational skills.
  • Reward the child - The British Nursery in Dubai, often rewards a child’s classroom organization, parents should also adopt the same strategy at home. Whether it’s a special treat or just a gold star, make sure your child knows that successfully organizing their day is praise worthy.
  • Teach the Child about how to stay organized - Start by organizing the backpack and removing old papers, candy wrappers and bits and pieces of paper. Make this a weekly exercise to keep the mess at a minimum.
  • Be an example - Parent's are the best example for their children, when it comes to almost anything. Make sure your own handbag, writing table and closet is all organized. Involve the children when organizing kitchen cabinets or drawers to teach them organization,  in every aspect of their life.
  • Guide the child - No child likes to be scolded to do things and nagged. Guide the child, offer to help them organize, but don’t keep harping on the same topic because they will stop listening.
  • Make homework time a daily routine-  Communicate with the child's teacher about how much time should be allocated for homework. If the child is struggling to complete it within the allocated time frame, enlist the teacher’s help explains a teacher at the British Nursery in Dubai and they will help parents figuring out a system that works well for the child.