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Helping children deal with a teacher leaving the Early Year Nursery in Dubai

When a  teacher leaves an Early Year Nursery in Dubai, it can create a variety of feelings and reactions from the children and parents. This is largely due to the fact that children often develop a strong emotional bond with their teachers, and then this teacher leaves it can make the child upset which can be very disturbing for parents as well. If the teacher was nice and kind, this adds to the feelings of sadness in the child.

Children's reaction to the loss of their favorite teacher at the Kids Nurseries Dubai can vary depending on the  child’s reaction to the loss of a teacher can vary depending on the  personality of the child, the environment, the reaction of the parent and the type of bond the child had with the teacher. Children, most of them who are sensitive will take longer than others to adjust to the loss of the old teacher and to adjust to the new teacher. Some children feel sad, insecure, abandoned and unhappy while others adjust very quickly to the new teacher.

As a parent, you cannot always be on the sidelines watching your child cope with this sadness as its heart wrenching. Therefore, the best solution is to help your child adjust to the change. Ask your child to express their feeling towards the situation and what they will miss most about the teacher.  Tell the child  that you are sad about the loss, and  try to be positive and talk about what the child can look forward to with the new teacher. Tell the child that the new teacher will be just as concerned and caring as the old teacher and the child is safe.

Encourage the child to prepare a parting or farewell gift for the teacher who is leaving, sometimes the teacher who is leaving will encourage children to do their own farewell cards and  take it with her on the last day she leaves. This is a great way to allowing the child to let go of the old teacher.

Also, get the child to prepare a card for the new teacher so that she feels welcome at the best nursery In Dubai. This is a great way to encourage the child to focus on accepting the new teacher and move on without much of a fuss.

Preschool children often gain a sense of safety, security, consistency and predictability. The most important constants in a child’s life are people, places, routines, and rituals. Therefore, when a teacher leaves it is important to keep the other elements in the child's life consistent and routine to help the child with the transition. Parents should talk to the child about the  aspects of child education in Dubai that will stay the same and constant such as the classroom, other children, friends, the things, the environment and the other teachers. Keep the child's environment and routines at home as consistent as possible, as too many changes are going to take a toll on the child.