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Helping children make friends in the Childrens Nursery in Dubai

All teachers at the nurseries in UAE deal with children who don't know what it means to share and take turns. Sometimes children have different understandings about what it means to share, especially if they come from a traditional family and have been taught to follow certain cultures and customs. Sometimes little minds think that sharing means others have to do it, instead of them sharing with another child and also that the particular child has to   what the child wants, when they  want it. This is their perception of sharing and taking turns.
Here are some useful tips presented by educators at the best nursery school in Dubai about teaching children to share,

  • Reading - Read books to children about characters who are sharing or not sharing and talk about the emotions of the characters in the book. Ask the children to come up with what the characters in the story can do to solve their problem.
  • Reward - When children share and take turns, make sure to highlight the situation as the child may not be aware that they are doing this. Offer praise and rewards to children who practices this and make sure they know they have made the other child happy by sharing their things or simply by taking turns and letting the child next to them have a go at the rope ladder.
  • Use Props - Teachers at the nursery in Dubai use puppets and dolls to teach children about sharing. Recreate some of the most common types of behaviors or an issue that children deal with often. Talk to the children about what the puppets are saying and doing. Ask the child to voice out how the puppets feel and what they could do. Children will come with very good solutions sometimes, if not the teacher guides them.
  • Role Model - Teachers should be a good role model, this is one of the most important aspect when it comes child education in Dubai. As children repeat what they see. Often the teacher may also tend to repeat the behavior of the child's actions that caused the conflict in the first place. Teachers do this because it can be a fast and easy resolution to the problem and get distracted while dealing with other matters in the classroom. This should be avoided at all costs. Instead, adopt a kind approach, that involves sharing and taking turns.
  • Make sure every child has a turn - There are certain items that are popular in the playground or the classroom. Therefore, teachers should make sure that each child gets a turn and in order to do this a time frame should be set for each child. A sand timer is a good idea as children can see the passing of time and it also serves as a visual help to make it easy for children to adopt taking turns and sharing their favorite things with other children.

Teaching children good communication skills is also essential to guide them  on sharing and taking turns.