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Be safe this holidays with your child

 For Preschool Nursery in Dubai, the Christmas holidays bring a flurry of activity, with school Christmas parties, concerts, family get togethers, presents to buy, rooms to decorate, meals to plan, and friends and family, to entertain. With all the festivities and holiday stress, parents can easily overlook the effect this has on the children. By building safety into your Christmas planning, you can keep the holidays free from all the stress and worry and make sure the children and family enjoy a safe and fun time.

For children at Dubai's Best Nursery, fairy lights, handmade decorations, festive candles and new toys are all part of Christmas, but there could also be certain risks to the child. Here are a few tips to keep the children safe and enjoy the holidays.

  • Shop smart and buy toys that meet safety standards - When shopping for Christmas presents for children, especially small children, make sure to go to a reputable top store who stocks only on quality merchandise. Markets or temporary shops often sell poor quality products that do not meet any safety standards and these are usually illegally imported toys. Fakes and counterfeit goods may have low prices, but are illegal, are not made to proper safety standards and can be dangerous for little children.
  • Age appropriate toys - Make sure that the toys you give your child or buy as gifts are appropriate for the child’s age, as babies and small children can choke on small parts, swallow harmful components or hurt themselves on harmful edges. Don't buy any toys that are not clearly marked with the child's age. This applies to Child Care Nursery in Dubai who should buy age appropriate toys for Christmas party gifts. If this is not possible the teachers should request parents to send a toy that is suitable for the child, so that this can be given to the child at the party. This way the child gets a safe gift, and the teachers and parents are also at ease with the child playing with the toy.
  • Keep small things out of reach - This is often the case with older children, as they leave bits and pieces of toys, like Lego block or small rubber soldiers or doll accessories lying around and their younger siblings will happily munch on these and choke. Also, don't forget the pretty and attractive Christmas tree decor,  which is bound to get attention from your little bundle of mischief. Make sure to put these small decorations out of reach and tidy away small plastic toys from crackers and put small items out of reach from little fingers.
  • Child proof the holiday home - If you are visiting family or away  during the Christmas holidays, make sure to check the lodging out if you have small children. For instance, check the sleeping arrangements, and if there are bunk beds make sure to put the little ones on the bottom bunk. Also pay extra attention to open switches, unprotected stairs and other such areas that is unsafe for small children.
  • Make sure the rooms and stairs are clutter free- It's not unusual to have ripped up paper and boxes during Christmas. Therefore, make sure that the stairs and rooms are free of clutter and toys as children are rushing around playing, greeting family and simply having fun, Why spoil these special moments with something unfortunate.
  • Make sure the decor and lights are safe - Keep candles away from Christmas trees and decorations.