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Our nursery has new activities for children to try this year

The Preschool Nursery in Dubai explains that children from a very young age are like magnets, their brains attract and hold onto new information without even trying, these learning curves are what guides  them through their lives. This is the reason, that in the age of video games, smartphones, tablets and Television babysitters, it’s important to give children an opportunity to learn something new in an easygoing, non-competitive environment. And the best learning opportunities will often come from after school activities.  

Sports and  language classes and are both very popular extracurricular activities for kids, explains the  Childern's Nursery in Dubai . Childhood is the best time to learn a new language, as a young mind can soak up a lot of information, just like a sponge.  Educators at Kindergarten in Dubai, says, "Young children have a much bigger capacity to develop and learn many languages simultaneously, as opposed to the learning capacity of adults.” Whether you enroll them in a language course,  a sports activity, or a nature club, children will learn much more than they ever would while sitting in front of a television  playing a video gaming deal with the bad guys. 

Some new activities that you can encourage your child to try are,

  • Nature walks -  Nature walks can be very interesting, together you and your child can identify trees by the color of their autumn leaves. Take some binoculars to spot the variety of birds that can be spotted in the park.
  •  Plays - Theatre and plays are great after school activity to help kids explore their creativity. Apart from dressing up and acting, encourage the child to write  plays as well.
  • Arts and Crafts - Arts and crafts are a great way to bring out the creativity in your child.
  • Cookery lessons - There are plenty of cookery lessons that are organized for children of all ages. For smaller children the lesson's will start with simple, no cook snacks and then work their way up to family dinners, for older children.
  • Treasure hunts - Treasure hunts can be a fun activity for small children as well as give older kids more complex clues to solve. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to museums and things of historical and archaeological interest, by asking them to identify items in paintings or displays. An outdoor treasure hunt at the local park will instill, play and problem solving  skills in children.
  • Volunteering - This is one of the most important after school activities for older children. They can spend their afternoons working in a food bank, a charitable project or picking up trash in the park, it’s a great learning experience. Volunteering will show children the importance to give back to society and the world.
  •  Sports - Sports are a great way for kids to have fun, exercise, learn responsibility, teamwork and make plenty of friends.  There are plenty of after school activities to choose from, such as soccer, tennis and martial arts are just to name a few.
  • Dancing -  Dance is another great way for children to express themselves, build physical fitness and learn the importance of having a fit body. Whether children love ballet, jazz, modern or tap, dance is a wonderful after school activity. The Nursery in Jumeirah features dance classes and gym related activities to stimulate the children physically, as a part of their daycare program.