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Group settings for Nurseries in UAE

As parents of top quality Nurseries in UAE it is really important that your children gets accepted and gels in with a group right at the beginning.  This is a stepping stone to their decision making process and gaining confidence and independence, key elements to their learning and growth.

Parents who do not send their children to a preschool setting are at a disadvantage as these children may lack the confidence and necessary skills to socialize with peers in school and may become introverts later on in life. Therefore, group settings are very important for your child. Here are some reasons as to why group settings are important at an early stage.

  • Group activities can be enjoyable - Children enjoy group time and have a lot of fun as they make new friends, love being around other children and actively participate in conversations.
  • Every day is a learning curve - Children are learning something new every day. From jumping, climbing and laughing, this is all part of their learning. When children are in a group this is extremely enjoyable as they learn to get along with each other.
  • Teamwork - Working in a group, children learn about the importance of teamwork and working together putting all their differences aside.
  • Interaction - Children can associate with other children of their own age, this is really important for a child to build friendships and learn to fit in with a peer group.
  • Develop self-confidence and self esteem - Most early years nursery in Dubai, stress the importance of a group setting for children to build self confidence and self esteem. These are basic necessities for them to succeed in school going years. Children need to learn to understand each other, share their toys and how to accomplish a task as a group. Children need to know that they are capable of handling a task or a job, this in turn helps them build self confidence.
  • Problem solving - Children in groups learn to problem solve better as opposed to them doing this on their own. They can brainstorm and work toward the best solution. This gives them confidence and the ability to independently make decisions.
  • Learn to deal with each other's differences - Group settings are important so that children don't isolate other children for their race and culture. A group accepts each other despite their background, race or culture.
  • Stop bullying - When children learn to work together as a group they have an understanding that bullying children is wrong and that everyone is equal and should be treated with respect.

Therefore, a group setting is very important for the development, growth and overall well being of your child. You can enroll your child in the best child education in Dubai and see the difference for yourself.