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Teaching children to write successfully in Dubai

Preschool teaching strategies and expectations are changing while some things still remain the same such as Nursery Schools in Dubai being a safe environment where their child can learn to get along with others, develop independence and strengthen creativity, practice self-expression and learn to follow routines. One of the most important concerns is how to help youngsters read and write before they enter the elementary years .

Preparing children for the demands of Child Education in Dubai begins with teachers doing their part to provide parents with the tools they need to help their children succeed in school. One of the problems that teachers face today is the level of literacy in young children. Children are not exposed enough to reading material in their home environment, no matter how much reading they do in preschool, this makes writing even more difficult. To remedy this, early childhood teachers suggest that parents do the following,

  • Use finger pointing to help young readers develop print awareness such as understanding words which are separated by spaces, move from left to right, and continue on the next line down
  • Have children identify letters and words on the page
  • Model the identification of high-frequency sight words, help children sound them and use illustrations to assist with the beginning reading process.
  • Ask questions to connect new vocabulary, sequences of events and text while reading a given story
  • Change the book-reading routines, including easy-to-use skill-development techniques

Teachers at Kids Nurseries in Dubai stress that the home-literacy environment plays a more important role when it comes to academic success, especially when it comes to writing development.

The goal of the writing process at all levels, especially in the stages where children typically learn to write in preschool and kindergarten, is to help children to find their own voices and to nurture their writing development with encouragement and support until they feel confident about themselves.

  • Drawing and doodling - Writing development starts with pictures. Doodling, scribbling and drawing pictures is what children love to do, they cannot differentiate and cannot connect print with meaning.
  • Letters and identification- Children begin to repeat letters, especially seeing their names in text format. They do not identify letters with the sounds in words, but they do link the text with meaning.
  • Sounds - Children represent words with one or more letters that are most distinctively heard when saying the word. Children should be encouraged to write about their daily activities with attention to pronunciation. Writing should incorporate word families and patterns. Encourage the child to writing simple sentences.

Never push the child too much as writing at any stage is foreign until it is tried. Children should be allowed to take ownership of their work as they gain confidence with each writing milestone. Take it slow, and make sure the child enjoys the process and it will be very rewarding for all involved.