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Dubai's Best preschool Nursery and Day Care

Little House Nursery is a nursery that believes in ensuring that every child is given a fair chance at developing comfortably right from the start. To make this possible, we have taken the elements apart, and brought it back together to give children of Dubai, the best Nursery Education in the Middle East.

We understand that children are much like fussy customers, who require every aspect of their product to be spectacular. We have therefore, taken our efforts a step further to ensure that your child is not only safe, and learning at preschool, but is also happy, excited, curious, and motivated to learn new things. From our premises, to the teachers and caregivers, to resources, and the syllabus, and even the mix of students is carefully selected and combined to give your child the best preschool environment that they deserve.

Our Nursery building is one that has every child excited to be in. We have taken the concept of our world, and miniaturized it to be more accessible to toddlers and children. We have recreated mini roads, mini staircases, tiny dinner tables, and kitchens within the building, and we use these different surroundings to teach your child all they need to know about this world and their environment.

Children learn better when they are given the freedom to explore in a practical setting. Based on this theory, our teachers use the surrounding resources to help your child achieve a specific developmental goal. For example, if we needed to teach the various colours, we use our mini roads to help your child understand red, yellow, and green. Children love to learn by singing and acting out, and it brings us great joy, to see your children hit the brakes on their little cars when they see red, and start running when they see green and eagerly slow down at the sight of yellow.

We have designed this school to help children achieve and reach greater heights in all developmental phases and stages mentioned by the Early Years Foundation Stage Dubai. EYFS UK offers us regulated guidance on helping children attain emotional and mental stability, social and personal wellbeing, physical and biological health, and reach intellectual greatness. EYFS UK is a highly recommended protocol for early education, and is followed as a global standard for nursery education. Little House Nursery follows this guideline in every aspect of your child’s wellbeing while they spend their days with us.

We are proud to be named a Top Nursery in Dubai, and we strive to be the best preschool and daycare in the city. We maintain the highest standards to give you peace of mind, while you leave your most treasured possession with us. Drop in for a visit to meet with our principal, staff and students and lets your child tell you if he wants to attend Little House Nursery