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Raising children with social intelligence

Out of all the skills we encourage children to develop, social intelligence may be the most essential for predicting a fulfilling, successful life explains the Nursery in Jumeirah.  It is also a characteristic of development, that both parents and teachers influence most profoundly, and it’s crucial that  parents and teachers are aware of this and believe that their every move is being absorbed, it's like being under a microscope or being scrutinized and modelling everything that is said and done.
Here is a look at some useful strategies for building a strong foundation for social intelligence in young children:

  • Don’t wait to start communicating - Start a two-way, person-to-person relationship with your child as they are born. Speak to the child respectful y and calmly as the child begins to learn the language and parents should model the language they want children to learn.
    Babies are capable of communication and comprehension before they start  talking. Give the child a moment to absorb the words you are telling them. Observe the child so that you can see  the child communicate readiness back to you. Telling your baby how much you adore her is great, but parents need to show their love by sharing the details, for instance, tell the child what is happening and invite the child to participate in activities like diaper changing, bathing and feeding. Interact with the child as much as possible and you will be surprised how clearly you can communicate with her.

  • Model your behavior - Parents and teachers should model  honest, direct, open and polite communication. Be the first to admit “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” and be a patient and attuned listener. If you have a disagreement  in front of your child, try to resolve the disagreement gracefully and calmly. Then tell the child in simple terms what happened. Model patience, forgiveness, sharing, empathy– the social traits you want the child to develop. Often, educators at the Kindergarten in Dubai need to model behavior in conflict resolution.
  • Keep it real - Parents and children are very powerful models for children, it is easy to see why discipline techniques that includes distraction, tricks, games, rewards and punishments don’t foster social intelligence. Instead, those methods encourage children to avoid confrontation, being inauthentic by smiling and playing games when  annoyed, manipulating in order to control, shaming and hurting those who are involved in the conflict, rather than being direct and respectful, gentle and honest.

The lessons that parents and teachers try to instill in a child will triumph by the behavior that is being modelled as opposed to other methods that are used. Also, the self-worth and confidence that children need to develop healthy social skills is undermined when negative behavior is displayed such as manipulating, being insincere or shaming. As they mature, the way children are treated is the best they will ever expect or believe they deserve.

It takes plenty of practice to master social interactions, from the time children start Childrens Nursery in Dubai and up to the point they are adults they are still learning about social interactions but never mastering them.