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Reading at the Nursery In Jumeirah

No one is born with a ability to read, write or speak. We have to be taught as children how to do it, through regular and active interactions with text, exposure to books, experiences in drawing, role-play and other activities and  by attending school, more accurately nursery in Jumeirah.  Learning to read is a step by step process of continual development. A child cannot learn to read overnight, it takes identification of the letters, practice , time and understanding.

Children can be taught to read and write from a very young age. Research have proven that there are significant benefits to teaching a child to read when they are young such as improved self-confidence and self-esteem, good grades at school, developing personality traits such as ambition and motivation. Children should be taught to read in a way that is educational, enjoyable, achievable and fun.

Most nursery schools in Dubai are able to assist parents with their child’s educational development, especially in important areas such as reading and writing. Nurseries in Dubai offers a environment that is rich in 'text' for children of all ages. These children are exposed to a range of different types of text and print, including wall displays, charts, catalogues, infographics, role play items, posters photographs and  books.

It is never too early to teach a child to read. And today, modern day parents expose their babies to sign language in a classroom setting. These classes are inspired by the idea that babies  desire to communicate with others even before they are able to form words. with sign language babies can show how they feel and tell their parents when they are hungry or tired.

Learning to read is not about being glued to books, but it is also about communication and an awareness of the child's surroundings. For instance, the best nursery in Dubai will incorporate listening to and singing nursery rhymes, playing games, story time, show and tell and manipulating objects such as alphabet blocks to enable children to begin using a range of symbols, the building blocks, in learning to read and communicate.

There are also plenty of other ways that nurseries in Dubai can help children to learn, such as marking a register each morning, writing their names on the work they produce, identifying their names on the table at snack time and hanging their bags in the peg with their name.  Children need to start somewhere, and what better place to do it than at the nursery school. By encouraging children to learn in a controlled environment they are able to master learning processes such as reading, rather quickly.

Getting everyone involved in reading based activities such as story time is a another good method of teaching children to read. The teachers at the nursery should encourage the children to choose their favourite stories, even if there is a repetition of stories, this is good as repetition really helps the child remember words and phrases. Tracing the words as they are being read to the children carries a lot of meaning as opposed to images and pictures.  It also good to show them how text is read, from left to right and top to bottom.