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Rewarding children in the Preschool Nursery in Dubai

Teacher's at the Preschool Nursery in Dubai often use a rewards system for good behavior with stickers and other trinkets. But there is always the downside to this scheme too. There is a lot of debate surrounding this method of trinkets, stickers and rewards in the classroom as most teachers are moving away from it. Here are a few reasons why,

  • Children who don't get rewarded cry when he or she does not get a sticker or a prize for a behavior that occurred sometime before or even days before.
  • Children get upset if they lose the gift, sticker or trinket and a teacher's time is spent calming the child and searching for the lost gift.
  • Parents also get upset if their child is not rewarded for something or the other, which can create quite a lot of pressure on the teacher as well.
  • The child who normally misbehaves will act like a good child just before the rewards are being given out and expects a reward.
  • Children have a meltdown if they are not rewarded as and when they expect it.
  • Teachers often end up paying for these rewards from their own funds.

All these reasoning has made the reward scheme for Kids Nurseries in Dubai a waste of time and resources. Some teachers and parents argue that this reward scheme is a way of bribing and buying-off children to behave nicely instead of teaching the children how to regulate his or her own behaviors and emotions. Self-regulation is a life skill that will help children become successful in school as well as succeed in their careers.

Certain teachers experienced in Child Education in Dubai, who use the rewards scheme to control children’s behavior have different views as they say they have a lot of success using the scheme of giving the children tickets and little gifts. While stickers, trinket, treats and gift might work with some children, they do not work for children the way it's supposed to.

Some of the methods that are used by Dubai's Best Nursery and that works really well for children are the use of consistent routines and procedures, creating a kind, warm and caring environment where children feel loved and safe and a environment to make real connections. Old fashioned values such as love, care and discipline works for all children, but it's not easy as it can be a bit of a challenge.

Looking at another perspective on the rewards scheme, there are schools that have made this scheme mandatory. These schemes are in motion based on the preview that a school wide system must be implemented for behavior management. Some schools do it as they want to be in line with the school system, although some schools and their staff are happy with it.

Since there are conflicting views of the rewards system for children in schools it can be difficult to arrive at a general consensus. Therefore, for preschools, it can be introduced on a need-to-have basis and it if does not work out, then it can be scraped out completely.