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School readiness for children in Nursery Schools Dubai

The Preschool Nursery in Dubai  believes that it is important to help children to get ready for school, as it is essential to prepare children to flourish and reach their full potential. However, it is also important for teachers at the nursery school to help children to be ready for school, but it does not mean that the child should be pushed on to the next stage. After all, learning is not a race or competition, but a journey of discovery from the first step of the child’s life right through to adulthood.

In Nursery Schools Dubai, the curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage to help children make progress towards the early learning goals. These goals and milestones  are to be achieved at the end of the foundation stage, when the child is 6 years old. In the meantime, the school provides play based activities that allow the  child to explore and learn independently. The school regularly observes and assesses each child's skills and preferences to plan tailor made activities that each child enjoys.

The prime areas of learning which are physical development, personal, social and emotional development and communication and language development are fundamental to children’s development. The school pays special emphasis on these areas of learning alongside to ensure that the child has the skills they need to participate in all aspects of the community as they grow and develop and move on to school.

In order to make a child school ready, Nursery Schools Dubai  makes the child first feel confident about themselves and to keep trying new things and making new friends. It's about having the confidence to leave the family and rush off to school with a sense of happiness and excitement of what the day might hold and new ideas to try out.
Being ready for school is also about having the language skills to communicate with others. The teachers at nursery school usually spend a lot of time talking to children and extending their thinking through questions and meaningful conversations. The teacher will help a child build relationships and feel confident in each and every situation with the support of the parents. Children are exposed to a whole new vocabulary and planned activities so that the child can be creative and express his or her ideas.

These building blocks that are introduced at the preschool level, is what will make the child ready to face the challenging, more formal learning that will come when they goes to school, such as reading books, writing and early mathematics. Most nurseries use the most current teaching strategies to ensure that each child has the essential skills in place to enable them to move onto some of the challenging tasks when they go to school.

Parent's too can encourage their children with activities at home that helps the child build and develop their skills in order to be school ready. It's important to establish a good relationship at home and let the child know that you are supportive of them, giving them to confidence to face the challenges at school.