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Separation Anxiety in Nursery in Dubai

Parents of children attending the Nursery in Dubai often dread the first day of school, these parents as well as teachers often have schoolmates about the first day of school, then the end of the holidays is around the corner. Each new school year brings many unknowns to Preschool Nursery Dubai nursery teachers as they don't know what to expect and the challenges they will face with the new students. Teachers say it's always a surprise to them. But one common challenge that many teachers and parents face on the first day of school is separation anxiety.

It is not only teachers who face this fear, children too often fear and become anxious about the first day of school. This is often because, they are not in their comfort zone and they are scared of going into a new environment. And when they are separated from their parents and loved ones,young children can really become very anxious and upset. This is referred to as separation anxiety.

There are different types of separation anxiety as each child deals with it differently. Some children may experience extreme physiological responses to being separated from their families with rapid heart rate and increased levels of stress hormones. Three different types of responses to separation anxiety have been identified, they are active, quiet, and aggressive.

Parents who waited around and settled their children in the classroom, these children responded well to separation.

Parents who were less active and simply dropped off the child and beat a hasty retreat, these children were withdrawn and less lively and is less likely to interact with their peers.

Parents who demonstrated fear and their apprehension through body language and words, these children threw tantrums and reacted to separation with extreme emotional outbursts.

Teachers at the British Nursery in Dubai suggested the following for dealing with separation anxiety,

  • Educate the parent on how to deal with the child's behavior -¬† Guide parents on how they should talk to the child about the first day of school and make them feel happy and enthusiastic to come to school. Parents should stay positive, so that their emotions are felt by the child. Parents should also focus on using positive phrases to help the child get through the first day of school.
  • Create a visual daily schedule. Visualize the daily schedule this will help students feel safe and secure in their new classroom as well as the environment. When children are going through anxiety it helps to show them where they are in the daily routine and how much they need to complete to get through till school ends for the day.
  • Make the classroom ¬†clean and inviting - Start the day with calming activities to help children feel calm and secure in the school environment. Some good routines that are practiced at the nursery in Jumeirah include greeting children at the door with a hug, a smile or a high five. The same way the day started off with a high, it's best to end the day with a high as well and indicate the end of a successful day.