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Teaching children in Nursery Schools in Dubai to resolve conflict

There are many different methods in dealing with challenging behaviors in a classroom setting at the Kids Nurseries in Dubai. No one like to deal with conflicts, especially when it comes to children and often adults try to jump in and deal with it, but the reality of all this is that young children need to know how to work through conflicts on their own. If children don't learn to resolve conflict, it can lead to small children being over-dependant, have  fear of failure, isolation, withdrawal, and other effects which can lead to very serious consequences that may even  extend all the way up into their adult years.

Educators at the British Nursery in Dubai say that  conflict is a natural part of play, growth, and learning for young children and parents and teachers need to prepare themselves about how to guide children through the process of resolving conflict amongst each other and come to an amicable solution.

There are many causes of a conflict and it can spring up at any minute. However, the most likely situation, it can come up is when a child finds difficulty in communicating. Young children at the Nursery Schools in Dubai are still building their vocabulary and learning new words, therefore, it's important to teach young children to identify their emotions with words. The teacher needs to model these sort of ideas through role play, games and other methods and not just talk about them with the children.

Conflict can also arise due to the environment the children are in. For instance, open spaces in the classroom can make children more active and excited, leading to running and playing, therefore educators at the top Nursery in Dubai suggest that large open spaces should be for outdoor play, while the classroom should be spacious and arranged in a way the children can move around, but with not too much open space  for them to run and play.

Too often teachers try to jump in and sort out the conflict quickly, for many reasons such as children complaining to their parents and it can also be a deterrent to the learning process. However, what teachers often overlook is that conflict actually plays a valuable role in helping young children build healthy social and emotional skill sets. Teachers should enforce boundaries with children, such as no hitting, biting, or other physical conflict and no name calling.

Parents think that a safe place is where there is no conflict at all, therefore, teachers should create an environment in school where they have the child's best interests and that they feel valued in the classroom. Parents and teachers should understand that with children there are times when conflict arises during play and in the classroom. And since the classroom is safe, the children should learn how to sort out their differences through healthy and peaceful strategies rather than avoid  conflicts altogether
Learning to resolve conflicts naturally when small children interact with one another is a healthy part of social and emotional development.