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Best teaching methods for Nurseries in UAE

The face of education in Nursery Schools in Dubai has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. Teachers in the region are working tirelessly with preschoolers to equip them with the skills they need in school and to face the world. Teachers and childhood educators must foster learning environments that encourage creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, awareness, and social responsibility.

Here is a look at some of the approaches that teachers in Nurseries in UAE are using in classrooms to prepare kids for the future.

  • Technology - There are preschoolers who are technologically savvy than the adults. In order for teachers to connect with these kids, they must learn to speak their language and become conversant with the technology, a trait that comes so naturally to the young, one may wonder if they are born with this ability. Teachers should educate young children on the importance of Internet safety first. Integrating technology into teaching methods is a way of tapping into students’ interests and strengthening their technical skills, and providing enriching learning opportunities
  • Learning structure - A top nursery in Dubai, says that teacher centered instruction is a concept of the past. Teachers are now using a student-centered approach. This sort of cooperative learning enhances the engagement in classrooms by encouraging interaction among the students and teachers. This makes the learning experience more lively and allows children to express their views and feelings, making youngsters work a little harder. This, leads to bigger achievements, while promoting class building. This works well in a preschool setting as well, giving preschoolers the confidence to express their views and interact socially with each other.
  • Goals - Teachers involve children in the goal-setting process and this is a great way of encouraging them to take ownership of their learning. Goal setting is very simple and clear in the early stages. A Childrens Nursery in Dubai facilitates goal setting through the use of organizers and reward charts and similar aids.
  • Cross curriculum - Preschool teachers in Dubai teach multiple subjects simultaneously can help students go much deeper in learning concepts and skills. This involves the teacher combining important areas of study such as math, reading, writing, sorting, singing and art. It is a challenge for teachers to combine all the subjects at once, so they use approaches such as projects, problem solving and inquiry based learning to involve the child explore and uncover information in a more meaningful way in which all the subjects come into play together. These teaching methods are fun, highly motivating and encourages collaboration.
  • Assessment - Assessments are no longer done under lock and key, they have become more transparent as teachers are using a method of monitoring a child as they teach by observation, questioning strategies, class discussions, exit tickets, learning logs, peer assessments, self-assessments, and slate work.

Teachers can achieve a balance with a new and more resourceful method of teaching than resorting to formal teaching methods.