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Top Nursery In Dubai advise parents about children using inappropriate Language

There comes a time when every child will say a word that is not appropriate and can be a shocking revelation for parents says an educator at the top nursery in Dubai. The type of language can vary to a low level word like 'fool' or 'stupid', not obscene, but not a word the parents use around the home or it could either be a curse word or phrase that is very offending and inappropriate for an adult to use, let alone a child. The parents should not be allowed this sort of language use to continue.

When you hear the child saying an inappropriate word ask them what them to say it again. Most children who start attending Nurseries in Dubai  hear and use phrases from peers and classmates. Your child may not know the exact meaning of the word even though they use it, but they would use because it received attention, such as laughing from friends, it was associated with bullying behavior, a way to express anger and to provoke another child. Peers are not the only source of inappropriate language children who are around other adults,  watch television, or browse the internet all could lead to the discovery of inappropriate language and phrases.

Here are some tips to help you nip this issue in the bud and prevent your child from using inappropriate words, especially in public places, which could cause parents a lot of embarrassment. These strategies should also be followed by the teacher as well.

  • Make and establish clear boundaries of what words are “acceptable” and what is  “inappropriate".  Give the child examples of word that are acceptable and what is not acceptable. Teachers should give the child an alternative word to use and reward the child every time he checks himself before using the inappropriate word. Parents should do the same, so that in time the child will stop using the word.
  • Nurseries in UAE should have a consistent code of conduct. And the use of inappropriate language, while at school, should serve as a warning to alert the parents and enforce strict behavior.  At home, there should be a code of conduct as well.
  • Never overact  to a child's outburst since the child does not know or understand the meaning of the word.
  • Do not ignore the child when using such words. It will give him or her the impression that it's okay to use the word and keep using it.  
  • Never shout back or be rude to the child. Instead, use a kind approach.

Follow through with a punishment. The child needs to know what she or he is doing is wrong. However, the punishment should not be too harsh. Some experts suggest using humor to get the child to understand not to use such inappropriate words, especially with young children.  The EYFS Nursery in Dubai uses accepted methods of discipline for young children who use inappropriate language. They also involve the parents so that there is discipline at home as well.

Sometime there could also be bullying involved, so talk to the child and find out the reason behind such behavior as another child could be using these inappropriate words to intimidate, scare and insult your child who in turn will become confused, upset and angry and want to get the parents attention.