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Top Nursery in Dubai

Top Nursery In Dubai; Little House Nursery is anything but little. The very modern way to early years education has sent us in a direction of rebuilding the big world within the safety of our gates. Little House Nursery is all about giving your child the best environment to learn and flourish as unique individuals. The teachers are loving, caring individuals who are mostly moms themselves, who can provide your child with the security she needs while you are away.

Our Nursery in Jumeirah is designed around your child and their imagination, creating a world in which she can develop by imitating, practicing and exploring. The children who attend our nursery have plenty of room to play outside, and our outdoor garden replicates parts of the world we all live in. The children can enjoy driving on a make-shift road with traffic lights outside, learning to take turns, give someone else way, and they also learn patience by riding their tricycle or toy car. Our playground lets children pretend to be at home or at an office, constantly playing different roles of the household, and office. Our teachers are always around with the children making sure they are safe and inspiring them to keep exploring.

Our Preschool Nursery Dubai curriculum revolves around the EYFS framework developed in the UK to help children reach development goals in 7 major aspects of their lives. Early Years Foundation Program focuses on a child as whole entity and not as part of a group, and therefore promotes individuality and self-progress. The EYFS framework we follow ensures that every child’s emotional, personal, and social developmental aspect are cultivated and allowed to evolve.

Literacy and Numbers are also taught throughout the day’s activities, during playtime. The EYFS recommends that children learn better while playing, and not when they feel obligated to. Through the development of various teaching techniques, our nursery program introduces reading, writing, and numbers into fun games, which children love.

Our aim is to let the Children of Little House Nursery thrive and develop freely without enforcing expectations and deadlines. The programs we create for each day give children a balance of free play and discovery as well as structured playtime which focuses on the seven developmental aspects of early years learning.

The teachers and care givers at this Children's Nursery Dubai are highly trained professionals in the field of early years development. We strive to give children a supporting platform which reassures them to succeed in every possible manner.

Everything about the Little House Nursery is structured around children. The building, which is modern and spacious, the resources that fill this space are all handpicked to deliver the very best in early educational aspects. The teachers are friendly, loving and professional, and our nursery has a theatre, swimming pool, slides and swings, story room, gym, lunch room, and a large garden in which they can run freely.

Visit Little House Nursery for more information about our Day Care and Nursery; a world that your child is sure to love.